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We have great gifts available with more to come so if you don’t see something you want right now, check back soon for new items.

Use these gifts for yourself or they make great gifts anytime of the year all the while supporting a great cause in helping Samaritan House to keep up with all that we do for our guests.

100% of all proceeds go directly to Samaritan House to support our program and services.

Note: When purchasing items, you can save on shipping charges and stop by Samaritan House in person.

Monday thru Friday 9:00am-5:00pm
611 Fortune St.
Charlotte, NC 28205

Samaritan House Ceramic Mug

Samaritan House Ceramic Mug

This 11oz. ceramic mug is a great gift to enjoy your favorite hot/cold beverage

$6.00 each / 2 for $10.00


Brian Hadley’s “Lord’s Prayer” Poster

Charlotte, N.C. businessman Brian Hadley created this beautiful poster in the fall of 2009. He cut out 30 cardboard squares, wrote down one or more words from The Lord’s Prayer on each square then paid homeless men and women in Charlotte $5.00 to allow him to photograph them holding the words to The Lord’s Prayer.

Since he created this poster, there have been several others that have done similar projects in North Carolina. Brian said he had two purposes behind his poster: To raise money for the homeless and to change how people think about the The Lord’s Prayer. He believes his poster accomplished both. “The biggest thing is the Lord’s Prayer is for everyone,” he said, “and everyone is benefitting from this project.”

The posters sell for $10.00 each and thanks to Brian and his idea; more than $6000 has been raised for Samaritan House.

“The Lord’s Prayer”

Poster supporting Samaritan House – Charlotte, NC

30 people holding the words to “The Lord’s Prayer”

Makes a great gift and would look good on any wall

$10.00 per poster
($4.00 for shipping)

Lord’s Prayer Poster

“Sharing Our Bread”

A collection of nearly 200 recipes supporting
Samaritan House, Charlotte, NC

Appetizers, beverages, soups, salads and sauces
Vegetables and side dishes, main dishes, breads as well as desserts.

Also includes hints for baking and cooking, conversion tables,
measurements and cooking terms.

$8.00 per cookbook
($4.00 for shipping)


Samaritan House Gift Cards

A collection of 3 unique gift cards great for the holidays

Each card depicts
The Samaritan House Crutch Tree
Holiday Wreath
Nativity Scene

Each card is approx. 4” x 5”

$2.50 per card
$6.00 per set of 3

($1.00 for shipping)

Gift Cards

Samaritan House Mug Gift Set

A great gift for anyone or just for yourself
This set includes a Samaritan House 11oz. ceramic mug,
9” Samaritan House Flying Sport Disc and
3 Samaritan House writing pens

$10.00 per set
($5.00 for shipping)

Gift Set