Local Students Team Up With Samaritan House!!

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Concord High School students Ben M. and Katelyn R. have chosen Samaritan House to benefit from their school community service project.

Ben and Katelyn have been creating homemade soaps and selling them throughout the community with the proceeds going to Samaritan House to help support our program in helping the areas homeless recently discharged from the hospital.

Prices for each soap:
4oz. Homemade Soap $4.00 each
3oz. Homemade Soap $4.00 each
Decorative/Specialty Soaps $5.00 each

Available Scents:

Baby Rose
Milk & Honey
Lemon Grass
Blueberryor more information about this great project and/or to purchase the homemade soap, please click on the link below.

Click here for more information



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